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The decentralized wallet has a built-in p2p exchange powered by Atomic Swaps (peer-to-peer exchanging of assets with orders handled entirely through decentralized IPFS nodes).


No software downloads or installations are ever required. Unywallet is 100% browser-based and multi-device supported. Access your wallet freely regardless of where you are and whatever devices you are using.


Introducing Uny Credits

What is UNY Credits?

The purpose of UNY tokens (credits) offered to educational establishments vary greatly. UNY Credits is an ERC20  in the form of a digital asset token will serve as the token payment within the institution


University Payments

will now be able to make payments for the courses they wish to study. This removes institutions receiving fee payments in various international currencies and incurring banking fees to convert it back to their home currency


Low Cost Fees

The benefit for universities to adopt the use of UNY Credits is such that large transfers will incur a fraction of the fee they currently pay to various banking establishments, combined with the fact that payments are almost immediate, this makes the case for a token system very appealing.